Mark Ruffalo – Oscar Nominated Actor/Director/Activist

Betty Jones has taught me to meditate and because of that has transformed my life in every way. She teaches the ancient practice of Meditation lovingly and fairly. I can only say my life is so much fuller, my understanding of myself so much deeper. The whole world has slowed for me and instead of reacting to things in a habitual manner I get to choose moment to moment the way I will be in the world. That is a freedom I am deeply grateful for. It is so simple a thing but so profound. I can come to my life with a presence of mind and ease that was unknown to me before meeting her. In a crazy and sad world the meditation is a sweet balm from the soul. Thank you teacher.

Marc Robillard – Singer/ Songwriter

My life changed immensely, in a very positive way after meeting Betty. She not only taught me how to practice and continually improve my mediation techniques, but she has been a fountain of wisdom, giving me guidance and a positivity in this ever stressful journey we are all on. She was able to help me realize what is really important and how to weave meditation into my life in a seamless fashion. I will be forever indebted to her. Thank you!

Marco Krapels – Father, husband and Executive Vice President of one of the world’s largest banking organizations

Betty is fantastic. I never thought I could find the time and peace to learn meditation, but Betty eased me right into it. I am learning so much and Betty has given me access to valuable tools I will use for the rest of my life. Meditation helps me be more of me, a better person with compassion and love all around me.

Gus Roxburgh – Emmy Nominated Producer

We all need tools to help deal with stress these days and for me, meditation has been quite simply the best tool I’ve found. It only takes a few sessions to learn some simple techniques and then some regular practice and you’ll find yourself equipped to deal with the pressures of modern life so much better. Betty Jones is one of the most caring, intuitive and informative teachers around. She demystifies meditation making it simple, fun and easy to understand. Quite simply meditation, and Betty, have changed my life.

John Dittmar Owner – Pinnacle Entertainment

I had been interested in meditation for many years, just waiting for the right person to appear in my life to take me on this path. Betty emerged as that person and it’s been life changing. Betty has not only taught (and continues to teach) me expanded meditation techniques, but has become a trusted friend and adviser. I have happily recommended over 10 friends to her who have come away with similar thoughts and experiences.

I approach my life with so much more gratitude, awareness, compassion and acceptance thanks to my experiences with Betty and meditation.

Heather Kubinec- Non-profit Program Officer

Betty Jones has been teaching Meditation for over 35 years. Her tremendous experience and expertise together with her genuine care for others truly enhances one’s experience in learning mediation. I encourage anyone who is interested in alternative means of stress relief and improving one’s health and productivity to attend an introductory lecture.

Dr. Antonio Brown

I have studied meditation with Betty for over two years, now. I can definitely say I am a better person, more in touch with what is real and better prepared to face the world we’ve created and to recreate it with ease Thank you for showing me the way.

Elycia Rubin – Producer and 2 Time Published Author

Finding Betty Jones and learning meditation from her is a true gift. It’s never too late to begin reaping the rewards of this practice: deep relaxation, relieving stress, harnessing creativity from within and not overreacting to the little things. Now who wouldn’t want that!?

Troy Goldberg, M.D

As a physician specializing in psychiatry, I recognize the physical and mental benefits of meditation, as well as the importance of a skilled and patient instructor. Betty Jones is a truly an exceptional teacher. I have benefited greatly from her teaching, and so have many patients that I have referred to her. I have seen patients benefit in a variety of ways, including anxiety reduction, lower blood pressure, and improved mood.

Dante Spencer – M.A./Model

I always wanted to learn to meditate, so when I finally got the opportunity to be instructed on Guru Dev’s meditation, I immediately noticed changes in my life. My senses became heightened and my awareness increased. I began to notice that I was now able to maintain inner composure when outside things were out of control. With this meditation practice I feel I’m more connected and aligned with my true self and higher power. I feel that I’m more clear, centered, and creative as well as being much more open to love others as well as myself. I feel that it also rejuvenates my body on a different level than sleep does, which keeps me looking young and allows me to be able to get less sleep and do more throughout my hectic days. With all these benefits of Guru Dev’s meditation, I know for certain that I will be doing it for the rest of my life; and hopefully after.